GTA Online Casino Banned in Over 50 CountriesThe video game industry is facing some challenges from governments regarding loot boxes. Some people want to remove loot boxes from games because they see it as gambling. The latest casualty of the debate is the new GTA online casino update. Several countries banned features of the patch due to strict gambling laws. 

The newest update to GTA Online includes the Diamond Casino and Resort. It is a new playground for the rich residents of the virtual city of Los Santos. Since it is a casino, players can drink champagne, do criminal acts, and gamble. According to a bookie PPH software provider, players can bet on roulette, blackjack, slot machines, horses, and more. 

Since gambling is involved, some countries banned the GTA online casino patch. As a result, some players don’t have access to the gambling mechanics of the update. A sports betting software expert said that big markets didn’t ban the new DLC. They include the US, Japan, and Western Europe. 

More Kenya Gambling Restrictions in the WorksGambling operators in Kenya were just celebrating the High Court’s decision to strike down the proposed restrictions on gambling ads. However, the government wants to rain on their parade by proposing more Kenya gambling restrictions. 

Lawmakers are creating a comprehensive bill with the goal of giving the gambling industry a difficult time. In fact, Gaming Bill 2019 wants to introduce several restrictions on existing gambling products. In addition, the gaming bill wants to increase the licensing fees for betting operators. 

According to the bill, the minimum bet will become KES50 or around $0.50. At present, gamblers can place bets as little as KES1. Lawmakers said that the low amount encourages people to gamble more. 

Proposed Kenya Gambling Restrictions

Under the proposed bill, the gambling operators need to pay KES30 million a year or around $296,000. At present, gambling firms need to pay KES1 million to apply for a license, KES3 million licensing fee, and an annual license fee of KES500,000. Also, there’s a renewal fee of KES25,000. 

The tax rate for gambling revenues is 35 percent. In addition, gambling companies need to contribute 20 percent of their revenue to charity. Under the proposed gambling bill, companies sponsoring local sports teams will qualify for tax rebates. 

The proposed gaming bill also wants to stop illegal bookie software operations in the country. The bill has provisions involving online and land-based gambling activities. Its goal is to block illegal gambling websites. In addition, it wants to stop the growth of illegal gaming machines. 

Also, the bill wants to address the large portion of the gambling industry revenue benefits other countries. Only a small portion goes to Kenya. According to gambling news sources, Kenya’s gambling market is worth around KES200 million or $2 million. However, the government is only getting a small portion of the amount because companies don’t declare their actual earnings, according to bookie pay per head reviews.

New York Tackles Gambling AddictionThe gambling industry has a foothold in the State of New York. However, it was not always that way. In fact, New York was the first state to disallow gambling in 1821 except for horse racing. In the 1860s, the state legalized gambling. At the same time, it had to deal with gambling addiction. 

In the 1990s, New York legalized casinos. As a result, the number of problem gamblers increased in the state. Although there are laws to ensure problem gamblers get help when they need it, many people believe the programs are inefficient.  

At present, New York decided to investigate its gambling addiction problem. Also, the state government wants to develop programs to treat gambling addiction based on the results of the investigation. 

How to Get Clients as a Pay Per Head BookieYou need to have be a successful pay per head bookie. Most sportsbooks juggle their clients throughout the year, depending on the sporting seasons. If you are new to the business, then you should learn how to get customers. It is also important to ensure that you can keep them coming back each season. 

Although a pay per head sportsbook solution allows you to offer your services to a wider market, you should not forget the local audience. The truth is your workmates, neighbors, and residents of nearby communities will provide you with the most business. Keep in mind that people trust local bookies over anyone else. 

The best thing about using a pay per head platform is that you don't need to invest a lot of money to start an online sportsbook. You only pay for the number of active clients. However, the hardest part of starting a business is attracting clients. You might start with less than a dozen players, but make sure you can grow your client base over time.  


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